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(20/2/2014)  Paddy Grimshaw's Funeral  

The committee of the Northern Ireland Polio Fellowship wish to thank all those members and friends who turned up to say a sad and fond farewell to our dear friend Paddy Grimshaw.

It was great to see such a large crowd in the church, at the graveside and back in the church hall for refreshments afterwards.

A big thank you to Rev. Bell and Rev. Nelson for such a wonderful service. It really caught the essence of PJ. Thank you to the ladies who supplied the lovely refreshments and to Irvine Undertakers for the very professional and dignified way they organised the funeral.

Paddy's brother Gerard was overwhelmed by the turn out and the many expressions of sympathy he received. He particularly enjoyed the recounting of old memories in the church hall. He asked that his thanks be passed on to everyone who helped in in way or attended the funeral but a big thank you to all who befriended Paddy over the years.

Keep sending in your comments to the Guestbook so that we have a permanent record of everyone's thoughts on the passing of PJ.

(18/2/2014)  PJ's Funeral Arrangements  

Sorry for omitting day of funeral. The funeral is on Thursday at 11 in Ballyclare Presbyterian Church, Doagh Road, Ballyclare

(17/2/2014)  Paddy Grimshaw - A tribute  

Where do you start when summing up the life of Paddy Grimshaw?

PJ was born in September 1944 and contracted polio at an early age. Following a stay in hospital he had no further contact with his family and was placed in care. Life was not easy and he moved from home to home. At one time he was actually at the age of 13 placed in an Old Peoples Home.

He had a array of jobs working as a labourer, a laundry worker, a kitchen hand and a dairy work. PJ was also a professional singer singing in the Working Men's Clubs in Northern England.

PJ always seemed to know people of importance. When he joined the BB his Captain was Terry Neill later to become captain of Arsenal and Northern Ireland. When he started going for a drink in the Bar 40 he became friendly with the Best family and actually spent weekends in Manchester with George Best. When he entered a talent contest he was joint winner with Gloria Hunniford.

In later life Paddy wanted to trace his family. He said his only wish was to stand at his mother's grave and tell her that he was not bitter about being abandoned and that he still loved her. The fellowship was able to trace the place of his mother's burial in England and also his brother and half brother.

Paddy was always able to get people to do things for him. You just couldn't say no to him. When the driver of the bus due to take them on holiday broke their leg Paddy asked a complete stranger if they would drive the bus. They agreed and the holiday was saved. The first time the author of the book on Paddy's life came to see him Paddy asked her if she would make his bed for him before they started. She did.

Paddy always described the fellowship as his family. Everyone looked out for him but equally he looked out for us. If he ever heard that any of us or our family were ill he was there offering support. He was a great supporter of everything the fellowship did.

PJ suffered a heart attack last Friday and died this morning. He will be sorely missed by his many friends in the fellowship. Rest in Peace PJ you certainly deserve to.

It is hoped that as many members as possible will attend the funeral and pay due respects to the unique PJ Grimshaw.

If members have any comments to make on PJ please put them on our guest book for others to see.

(17/2/2014)  Funeral Arrangements for Paddy Grimshaw  

PJ's funeral arrangements have now been made. He will be buried following a service at 11am on Thursday in Ballyclare Presbyterian Church, Doagh Road, Ballyclare. There will be light refreshments for everyone in the church hall afterwards.

All available members are asked to attend.

(17/2/2014)  Death of Paddy Grimshaw (PJ)  

It is with great sadness that the Fellowship announces the death of our great friend, fellow polio survivor and committee member Paddy Grimshaw. PJ passed away peacefully this morning in Antrim Area Hospital after a short illness. William, Breige and Christine were with him on Saturday evening in the hospital and Eddie and Christine were with him last night.

A tribute to PJ will be put up shortly along with details of the funeral arrangements.

Needless to say we are all devastated by this sad news.

Rest in Peace old friend you deserve to.

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